Merlin the Pomeranian

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This handsome Pomeranian is Merlin! Merlin is 3 years old! 

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The Pomeranian originated in Germany near Northern Poland, and are a descendent of the German Spitz dog. The breed gained popularity in the 18th century thanks to members of the British Royal family, specifically Queen Victoria. The intelligent and loving breed has been a popular companion for many years. Since the late 1990’s the Pomeranian has been on the American Kennel Club’s top 20 list.

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Pomeranian's have a double coat; they have a long, straight outer coat, covering a soft and thick inner coat. They can be prone to shedding year-round; they benefit greatly from routine brushing. They should ideally be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks, more frequently if the coat is left long. A Pomeranian’s hair can be trimmed but should never be shaved. Shaving can cause permanent damage to the hair.  

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Did you know that two of the three dogs to survive the sinking of the Titanic were Pomeranian? Margaret Hayes and Elizabeth Rothschild were able to get their dogs aboard lifeboats during the 1912 disaster. When the surviving passengers were picked up by the Carpathia the next morning, the crew didn’t want to take Mrs. Rothschild’s Pomeranian aboard. Ms. Rothschild refused to leave the lifeboat without her dog. 

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