Cocoa Latte the Standard Poodle

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Our fabulous friend Cocoa Latte is 3 years old! 

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Poodles are grouped into three different sizes, Toy, Mini, and Standard. The Standard Poodle is the eldest of the breed. The Standard Poodle is synonymous with France and French culture; however, the breed may have originated in Germany! It is greatly disputed whether the breed was created in Germany, or is descended from a rare French breed known as a Barbet.

Standard Poodles are known to be sporty and intelligent. They’re avid lovers of water, making them excellent duck hunters and bird retrievers.

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Standard Poodles have a very unique single layer coat, meaning they do not have an undercoat like most breeds. Standard Poodles shed minimally, but when they do shed they do not drop hair, instead loose hair becomes trapped in their dense curly fur. Standard Poodles are widely known as being “hypoallergenic,” however, no dog is truly hypoallergenic, all dogs shed and release dander, though people with allergies seem to tolerate Standard Poodles well.

A Standard Poodle can be coarse and wooly, or soft and wavy. They should typically be groomed every 4 – 8 weeks depending on their length and style. Standard Poodles with a long traditional “show cut” require a lot of brushing and frequent grooming.

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Standard Poodles have been a celebrity favorite for many, many years. 

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Some of our favorite Standard Poodle owners include Jackie Kennedy, Bob Hope, Walt Disney, and Rihanna! 

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