Callie the Collie

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This gorgeous girl is Callie! Callie is a two year old Rough Collie. 

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The Collie originated in Scotland and the Northern region of England approximately 350 years ago. The exact origin of their name is unknown, but in Scottish, “collie” means coal.  The Collie is an extremely active and energetic dog. Known for their intelligence and stamina, the Collie has been primarily used for herding. Queen Victoria was smitten by the Collie after a trip to Scotland. She made them a popular pet in England. Over the years the Collie has become more of a family pet, recognized for their playful but gentle nature with children. Collie Dogs are loving and devoted to their family.

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The Collie is a double coated breed that should be groomed every 4 – 8 weeks. Brushed, bathed, and trimmed but never shaved, shaving will ruin their beautiful coat. They shed year long, but more so when the seasons change. Extra grooming may be required in Spring and Autumn. The Collie should be brushed frequently, even daily if you’re able. This helps keep their coat clean and healthy, and your home free of excess hair!

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There are three types of Collies; the Border Collie, the Rough Collie, and the Bearded Collie. The Collie has been a featured breed in literature, movies, and television.When it comes to Collies, the Rough Collie usually comes to mind first, thanks to the iconic “Lassie.”  

Did you know that the heroic lady “Lassie” was played by a male dog? Yes! The Rough Collie featured on Lassie was played by a talented male Collie named “Pal.”

Does your beloved Collie need grooming? Give us a call! Darlene loves to groom Collies of all kinds! Call 518-346-2030 for an appointment. 

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