Lily the Welsh Terrier

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The Welsh Terrier is claimed to be the oldest existing breed in the United Kingdom! The intelligent Welsh Terrier was bred to hunt rodents and fox. They are known to be very friendly, but independent dogs.  

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Welsh Terriers have a double coat! The topcoat consists of water-repellent hair to protect against the elements, the undercoat is insulation to keep the dog warm. Though Welsh Terriers do not shed, they should be groomed regularly, usually every 6 to 8 weeks.

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One of the most famous, recognizable Welsh Terriers in our culture was “Charlie,” President John F. Kennedy’s dog. “Charlie” was a gift to the President from his wife Jackie. The Kennedy’s were dog lovers, but “Charlie” was very special to JFK. “Charlie” was a fixture in the White House, he loved to swim laps in the pool with the President, and was obsessed with fetch. 

Though Welsh Terriers are not an extremely common breed in our area, Darlene grooms several on a regular basis! She enjoys working with them and would welcome the opportunity to groom yours! Call us at 518-346-2030 to book an appointment for your Welsh Terrier today!