Rocket the Anatolian Shepherd

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Rocket is a 3 year old Anatolian Shepherd. He's a River Road Animal Hospital VIP; his owner is none other than our groomer Darlene!

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The Anatolian Shepherd is a very ancient breed, descended from Mesopotamian hunting dogs. They’re named for the Anatolia region of Turkey. Anatolian Shepherds are superior livestock protectors. They possess a superior sense of sight and sound. They have been used for thousands of years to protect livestock. They do not herd the flock that they protect, but roam with their herd seeking out potential predators before they can attack.

The Anatolian Shepherd gained popularity in the United States in the 1950s. Ranchers loved the breed for their vigor and strong work ethic.

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The Anatolian Shepherd has a very thick double coat. Often times their full coat makes them look bigger and heavier than they are. Their coat was designed to protect them during long hot summers, and bitter cold winters in Turkey. They have very thick hair around their throats to help protect them from predators. Anatolian Shepherds tend to shed a lot during warm weather. They should be brushed frequently when shedding. They should be bathed occasionally, and have their nails trimmed, and ears cleaned routinely.

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The 1980’s hit television show, Simon & Simon, featured an Anatolian Shepherd named Marlowe.

The 2001 romantic comedy, Kate & Leopold, featured Anatolian Shepherd Bart.

One of the most popular animals at the San Diego Zoo is Anatolian Shepherd Duke! Duke is a resident of the Zoo, and a member of their animal ambassador program. Duke is side kick to cheetah Taraji, and one of the zoo’s most beloved animal ambassadors. Duke’s daily routine includes visiting the park offices, wrestling and playing with Taraji, greeting guests, and participating in shows.

Learn more about Duke here.

Rocket (left) and Lena (right), Darlene's Anatolian Shepherds. 

Rocket (left) and Lena (right), Darlene's Anatolian Shepherds. 

If you're looking to have your Anatolian Shepherd groomed, look no further! Our groomer Darlene loves this breed! She owns two, Rocket and Lena! Call us at 518-346-2030 to book an appointment. Follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook!