Sophie the Golden Retriever

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Our groom of the week is 9-year-old Sophie! Sophie is a beautiful Golden Retriever!  

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Golden Retrievers, often referred to as "Goldens," originated in Scotland in the mid-19th century. Hunters were in need of a dog capable of retrieving shot ducks and other waterfowl undamaged, on land and in the water. Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers, and are often skilled at dock-jumping and agility. Because of their gentle, and obedient nature, they make wonderful family pets.  

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Golden Retrievers can vary greatly in color and size. Though they originated in Scotland, they can have physical characteristics that distinguish them as English, American, or Canadian. 

Golden Retrievers should be groomed regularly to keep their coats free from matting. Golden Retrievers shed a lot in Spring and Fall so that a new coat may come in. It is very important that all the dead coat is removed to keep them healthy.

Goldens need frequent ear cleaning! Their floppy ears can hold moisture and breed bacteria. If your Golden loves to swim or be wet, their ears should be cleaned and dried thoroughly every time they come in contact with water! 

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Golden Retrievers are often portrayed as the all-American family dog in movies and on Television. Some of our favorite notable Goldens are "Buddy" from the Air Bud series, "Comet" from Full House, and "Dug" from the Pixar hit Up

Goldens have even lived in the White House! President Gerald R. Ford's dog "Liberty," and Ronald Regan's dog "Victory," were both Golden Retrievers. 

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Our groomer Darlene Galli has been a professional dog groomer for over 20 years. She has been our full-time groomer since we opened in 2010. River Road Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital located in Niskayuna, NY. Our mission is to care for your pet with compassion and excellence. We treat dogs, cats, and small pocket pets. In addition to general medicine and surgery, our facility also offers a boarding kennel, doggie daycare, and grooming services.